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  • Personalized Training to get you playing to your strengths
  • Online coaching tech to access your Personal Trainer anywhere
  • LFG no more: Squad–up and make every rep count for something more

Created By A Certified Personal Trainer Geared Up With Love For A Good Spreadsheet And A Catalog Of Bad Movie References

I'm Brandon, the founder and dreamer of MinMaxFit. This is my life's passion. Years in the making, MinMaxFit is entering the world after collecting the last critical piece: Personal Training Certification from the American Council On Exercise.

Especially after working as an educator for 10–years, I've always held a deep–fire to help people who need just a bit of mentoring, coaching, or instruction to achieve the life–changing goals they're striving for. Now it's time to use these tools for a new purpose— health & fitness.

There are plenty of formulas, programs, and gurus out there that are worth listening to. If you want to level–up your IRL attributes with workouts inspired by games, cult-favorite movies, our favorite comic figures, and a dash of meme— I think I'm the right trainer for you.

If you've ever had any of these thoughts, I built MinMaxFit's training programs for you:

  • I don't know where to start with all this health stuff. I guess I'll just go run and eat less to lose weight.

  • Oats and bananas? Paleo? Carnivore? All of these diet choices are really frustrating— what the hell is a Iifym?

  • I'm going to fall off the wagon like I always do. I wish someone could help me to stay on track.

  • One more coffee will make me feel like I have enough energy to get through the morning. Maybe an energy drink will do it.

  • Wow I'm winded after carrying in that load of groceries! I hope the next trip isn't as tough after a quick rest.

  • I'm tired of how I feel after a night in front of the computer. I want to keep playing into the night but feel better afterwards.

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Your Gaming Passion With IRL Health & Fitness Results

Games bring out some of the best abilities humans have: Devotion, Discipline, Grit, and Extreme Ownership. MinMaxFit is designed to take advantage of these strong traits within you and apply them to your health & fitness.

Designed And Run By A Certified Personal Trainer

Certification is key to the success, safety, and impressive results you'll see with MinMaxFit. Brandon is ACE Certified with additional focus in Nutritional Balance. If you'd like to know more about ACE, click here.

Personalized For You To Be A Part Of Something Bigger

Fitness is a personal endeavor— but it's better with a group. Every campaign is built with a positive outcome to impact something important to the group. Will you put in one more rep to help what's important to you?

This is your game play to win

There's so much more than being told to workout and eat better! Here are the tools we'll use to help you level up and become an important part of our team:

  1. 😎 3-months Of Personalized Workouts Aligned With Your Ambitions
  2. πŸŽ— Every Campaign Raises Funds & Awareness For An Important Cause
  3. πŸ’ͺ Strength & Conditioning Progress Tracking
  4. ✍️ Body-stat Tracking & Body-Stress Management
  5. πŸ‹β€ Personal Form Video Reviews With Recorded Breakdowns
  6. πŸ₯“ Nutritional Education & Guidance To Keep Your Body Well-Fueled
  7. πŸƒβ€ Daily Motivational Content & Mental Models To Keep You Resilient
  8. πŸ‘Ÿ Personalized Equipment and Apparel Recomendations
  9. πŸ“… Bi-Weekly Formal Check-ins To Keep Your Workouts On The Right Path
  10. πŸ—“ Digital Calendar Workout Plans For Google & Apple Products
  11. πŸ’¬ Private Slack Where Members Learn, Contribute, and Cheer You On
  12. πŸ”₯ Relentless support to keep you consistenly moving towards your goals

MinMaxFit has everything you need to make life-long, healthy change. Let's get you started!

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Made with πŸ’ͺand 🧠 in 2019 by Brandon Brown in Orlando, Florida